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What is a Khorjin?

Khorjin is a mobile app designed to buy and sell virtual currencies. Digital currency apps can differ in terms of features and functionality, in most cases other websites or digital currency exchanges are intermediaries for buyers and sellers, but digital wallet allows you to work in a secure and secure environment. Keep the convenience of digital currencies as a personal account or buy and sell at any time.

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Some features on the Khorjin

Below you will find some of the functionalities of the Khorjin.



The Khorjin support team will be with your customers and users all day long and will provide the necessary follow-up.

Easy to use

Our effort has been to provide a user-friendly environment that is easy to execute.

High Security

The technical team of Khorjin does its utmost to comply with the security principles and provides the necessary security for the information and their confidentiality.


Khorjin users can easily keep different currencies in their wallets and use them at any time.

Get the Khorjin app

Through the section below, you can get a Khorjin app from your mobile operating system market.

Category: Finance
Last Update: Feb 1398
Version: 1.0.0
Size: 12 MB
Language: Eng
Download: AppleStore-Soon
Category: Finance
Last Update: Feb 1398
Version: 1.0.0
Size: 11 MB
Language: Eng
Download: GooglePlay-Soon


Digital currencies and digital wallets are credits such as physical currency that are stored and exchanged electronically or exchanged. Today there are more than 200 digital currency units in the world